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Green Tea
Benefit of Green Tea:
1. Anti-aging
2. Lowering cholesterol
3. Protecting against cavities
4. Improving indigestion situations
5. Helping with weight loss
1. Do not drink green tea with an empty stomach.
2. Be careful of the caffeine intake.
3. Always drink the fresh brew green tea.


Benefits of Black Tea:
1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Detoxifying effect
3. Refreshing and prevent fatigue
4. Diuretic effect
5. Balance body temperature
1. Stone patients and cancer patients are not suggested to have black tea.
2. It is not good for neurasthenia insomnia.
3. It contains caffeine. Be care of the dose of caffeine intake. 


Benefits of Jasmine Tea:
1. Protect from cardiovascular disease
2. Alleviative anxiety problem
3. Improve symptoms of chronic stomach problem
4. Helps prevent cancer, high blood pressure or aging
Not good for the pregnant women.