Sun Spa

our specialized technique is the key to our longer, thicker, fuller lashes without looking fake. A seamless extension, applied individually to each natural lash creates a completely youthful and glamorous lash look. No one will know you're wearing eyelash extensions only that you look even more beautiful than you already are. 

Mink individual lashes
( choose from regular mink lash and flat mink lash)
The best style eyelash now, one by one touch on your real eyelash, nobody can tell you are wearing  eyelash extensions, only that you look more beautiful than you already are
new set ··································$300
refill 1~2 weeks ······················$55
2~3 weeks ······························$75

Y-individual lashes
Best product for the people who doesn't have a lot of real eyelash, make it "extra" hair looking. Fuller, thicker and still natural looking

new set ·································$120
refill  1~2 weeks···················· $55
2~3 weeks····························· $75

Group lashes
Want go to party? Do this one! Fast for setting up. Looks 
different immediately

new set ································$65  
refill  1~2weeks····················$25

Prom season is coming , ready for shock everyone else ?
Feather lashes
new set··········$35
Strip lashes
new set··············$25

Take off eyelash (with another new set ) ·············· $0
Take off eyelash only·············· $20

Eyelash Extension

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